Liquorice (100g)

Liquorice (100g)


100% pure and high quality liquorice in powder made in Calabria made by using traditional methods. It is used to flavour Ice-Cream , Pastries and for making a delicious and original italian Liquorice Liqueur.


Liquorice Ice-Cream recipe

Just add 25g of Liquorice powder into 700g of plain milk ice-cream or  gelato base.

Liquorice Liqueur recipe

Boil up 700ml of water and once boiling add 100g of Liquorice Powder and 650g of Sugar. Dissolve thoroughly using a hand-held whisk. Leave the mixture to rest for 24 hours. After that add 500ml of Alcohol (95°). Bottle the liqueur into glass bottles and put into the freezer. SERVE ALWAYS FROOZEN !!!